Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thomas' First Christmas presents!

Thomas received Christmas presents from his Aunt Toto and Aunt Nancy & Uncle Marsh earlier this week.
Brandon and I let Thomas open his Christmas presents a little early since we are going to be out of town for Christmas.

His Aunt Toto gave him a music table, and Thomas LOVES it!

He loves music as much as his Aunt Toto!!!
His Aunt Toto also gave him a mega lego dump truck that he also LOVES!
Thank you so much Aunt Toto!!!

Funny story I want to remember: We received the package with the music table while Brandon was at work. I knew Corby was going to order this toy for Thomas, and I couldn't wait to see him play with it. I took it out of the box, put it together, and let Thomas play with it while Brandon was at work. I called Brandon to tell him that Thomas loves his music table, and I hurt his feelings since I didn't wait until he got home. Oops! I did take a video of him playing with it for the first time though. 
Tonight Brandon was playing with Thomas while I was giving one of our dogs a bath. When I came downstairs, Brandon told me that he had trimmed cut Thomas' hair! That hurt my feelings!!! So this week, I learned not to give Thomas a new toy until Brandon is home. Brandon learned not to cut Thomas' hair unless we both agree that his hair needs a trim!

His Aunt Nancy, Uncle Marsh, and his cousins, Tyler & Brooke, gave him his first tractor!!!

He LOVES his tractor! Thank you so much Uncle Marsh and Aunt Nancy!

Keep the faith,

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