Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pics from Amarillo

We had a great time at Brandon's parents home in Amarillo over Thanksgiving.

Cousins and their ipads

I loved playing Go Fish, Old Maid, and baseball with my nephew and Toto!
I LOVE playing card games!!!

Our little baby boy had some wild hair in the mornings!
He did not sleep well while we were in Texas.
Thomas loves to sleep in his own bed!

He still was a happy baby even though we didn't get much sleep at night. 

We were able to spend some more time with Maddox and her parents!

Thomas and his Aunt Toto

Thomas put on a little holiday weight and outgrew some of his clothes! Some of his pants are a little tight around the waist and to short!

We built a campfire so Jaxon could make smores!

Gigi and Thomas

The Chick boys

Cousins in their Christmas pjs

At the airport on our way home!

Watching the planes

We had so much fun and can't wait to go back to Amarillo for Christmas!

Keep the faith,

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